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Welcome to E-Shakoosh.com – the one and only platform that will let you buy and sell any used furniture within your desired timeframe from private sellers and businesses across UAE, without any hassle! With the help of our reliable partners, E-Shakoosh.com takes care of the delivery and payments for you. You never need to leave your house!

 E-Shakoosh.com was started because we noticed that many people like you, struggle to sell their second-hand furniture at a reasonable price while leaving the country or decluttering your home. E-Shakoosh.com is here to help YOU! Our revolutionary classifieds website is for buyers and sellers in the UAE and has worked to become a place where expatriates and residents can easily let go of their second-hand items quickly and hassle-free. Time is money, so why not save both?

Become a member of E-Shakoosh.com and you will be able to:

  • Search for on-sale second hand goods from a wide range of options
  • Make purchases based on your preferred time-frame
  • Buy items through auctions or fixed prices
  • Avoid unending negotiations and calls with potential sellers
  • Get your purchases delivered right to your doorstep
  • Save time and money

 The word SHAKOOSH in Arabic means hammer. We all know when the hammer comes down, that means the deal is done!

So, don’t lose it! Just E-Shakoosh it!

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E-Shakoosh.com LLC
Sharjah Media City (Shams)
Phone Number: +971503015006


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